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Planning and develop new products with high quality and competitive price that suites the market together with manufacturers in each different countries by keep sharing new market information. We import over 500 containers annually from America, China, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other country.


It’s one of our advantages that capable to develop products from oversea with strictly selected cooperative supplier from China, Southeast Asia, America and others by trading large quantity amount periodically, we built our relationship with supplier so that we can manage to stabilize the product quality, shorten lead time with competitive cost. Furthermore, we are able to assist client’s demand on small amount of goods production import. We never stop on research and deal with new supplier in order to meet client demand on new product.


We assist client who started business oversea by export high quality product that made in Japan. Please send us enquiry for further details.

OEM Product Development

By cooperating with oversea suppliers, we develop own high quality and competitive OEM brand products that have high demand from client.

Quality Control for Import Product

We provide products based on strictly selected supplier by inspecting factory condition, supervise and share information regularly. We do inspection of our import products through third party to maintain and ensure the safety of products regularly.

Business support in China

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