CSR|Mizuno Sangyo

Contribution to the society with corporate principle`s core component are our advantage.

Mizuno Sangyo actively engages in our CSR activities which is also help contribute anything we could from taking the view point from various side to fulfill its social responsibility and for the environment as the responsibility for us that we are dealing with various range of different product material.

Business management

With the corporate policy of [everything for customer`s sake], we consider of the earth resources and the environment, always find new possibility, receive trust and support from the trade, a consumer group and a cooperation company, and aim at the enterprise which contribute to the society.

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Environmental management

Its our duty to protect the environmental that rich with green and comfortable to live. As for the corporate contribution to the environment, start with plantation activities, are also engaging in activities and management program based on international standard such as ISO14001 as our CSR.

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Society contribution

We gather information based on our customer demand and go through analysis by proposing new product and service that recognized by customer. We aim to achieve as a corporate that can able to give overall service in both production and logistic for client.

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