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We are working on environmental issue.

The Planet face varieties of concerning issues that caused from development of countries that lead to environmental problem that causing long term damage to the earth eco system by acid rain, endanger of wildlife species, global warming, ozone depletion, deforestation, land degradation, sea pollution and many more. As a planet that we lived in, it is our responsible and duty to protect the environment for our future generation.
CO2 reduction is important for each corporate to control on their wastage, however we think that is more benefit and important of increasing tree planting which can help the planet environment protection. Up to today, we see the positive result in plantation in china through our Japan-China relationship plantation organization association. In Japan, there is culture of using wooden chopstick, furthermore we are aware of deforestation if improper of material gathering is being conduct. Therefore, to ensure the proper way of supplying we are doing activity such as plantation in China as for the environmental protection purpose as well.

Main activity

・China Plantation Program
・Press and media release for public concern regarding environmental issue
・Gathering of information, analysis regarding to china forest protection
・Improvement regarding to environmental protection and management
・And other activities concerning about environmental issues

ISO registration

・ISO14001 30th June 2000 registration
・ISO14001 1st April 2018 in-house management

Mizuno Sangyo Co.,LTD [Environmental Activities Environmental policy]

Basic Principle

Mizuno Sangyo started its business since 1948 by selling product that mainly made from paper,and provide low cost service support to ensure smooth business operation for food industry through logistic by production of clean cap, food industry packaging container, product development, plan and sale of sub-material. With the corporate policy of [ everything for customer`s sake] ,we consider an earth resource and the environment, always find a new possibility and receive trust and support from the trade, a consumer group and a cooperation company, and I aim at the enterprise which contributes to society.

Operating guideline

1.Providing and develop environmental friendly product and service
2.Reduction of environmental burden
3.Continuously improvement on environmental management system
4.Communication and education

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