Food Business|Mizuno Sangyo

We provide wide range of product s that necessary in restaurant business operation.

We provide the most suitable products for business client operation from product line-up of paper packaging to various type of disposable products and equipment. In order to meet the market demand, we keep researching and deal with new supplier to widen the range of products. We can even provide wide range of product that environmental friendly that recently been concerned.

Paper Products

We have various range of paper product for food packaging that efficiently matched the usage such as paper bag for hamburger, crepe, croquette, paper box for hotdog, popcorn, french-fries, cake, paper cup, paper plates and many up to sanitary products such as napkin or wet towel.

Resin Products

We have various range selection of resin products such as kitchen bag, garbage bag, plastic cup, plastic cutlery, bento box and sushi box for take away (takeout). Recent development on producing product that made with environmental friendly material are increasing along with improved features of different design and shape.

Wooden Product and Bamboo Product

We are able to provide various range of wooden chopstick in different sizes, packaging style, specification that meet the client demand. Furthermore, we have product such as wooden cutlery, wooden ship shape plate to match with natural environment.

Kitchen Equipment

For kitchen equipment, we can provide product such as pot or electronic cooking equipment from regular size to commercial size. Furthermore, we have wide range of melamine and ceramic tableware products so that you can choose any products based on your demand and cost.

Aiming for Safe Product Trading

Food culture these day has change to higher more demand on safety concern, as for us Mizuno Sangyo as the first line supplier in food business, we keep progressing to improve the standard f our product quality while maintaining the cost competitiveness. In order to be more competitive, we developed our products from oversea, at the same time for us that never owned any production factory we only deal with strictly selected supplier and to ensure only product safe to customer by doing inspection and supervision at factory with our own standard by keeping aim for further improvement.

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