ABOUT|Mizuno Sangyo

Beyond the customer.
Living, innovation.

The Mizuno Industry is a company that brings innovation from communication with customers under the philosophy of "All for customers".
We understand that clients who exchange directly, of course, are customers who come to clients who actually use our products. Customer's "living". Even just a little bit, I am doing things that I thought my life would be rich and nice. Through making things, I would like to innovate a little bit in the world. For example, if the Mizuno industry is so close as to be near the smile that ate delicious food, the moment when nursing care gentle hands touch, close to the relieved face that medical care brings. I think that the world will move a little in the better direction.

We are the Mizuno industry.

We say "Mizuno Industry". We will introduce our company philosophy, company history, business details in more detail.

"Everything is for the customer"
All solutions were born from here.

Based on the management philosophy, the solution that we have cultivated. Everything is born for you.

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