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Corporate history

1948. History of Mizuno Sangyo Co., Ltd. has been started as the company which handling sales of paper and printed material. We move forward along with client, while working on various of clients demand, up to today our products range are increasing, as for now we are trading company which is having several branches in Japan each different location.

1948"Mizuno Shoten" is founded by the late Mizuno Yukio.
1949Mizuno Shoten begins operations, mainly carrying paper of both Japanese and Western variety in Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku.
1951Mizuno Shoten increases its capital to \300,000 and was incorporated into "Mizuno Shigyo Co., Ltd. "
1953In addition to Japanese and Western paper, Mizuno Shigyo begins carrying paper boards, envelopes, and printed matter.
1955Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \800,000. Begins carrying packages and paperware.
1958Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \1,600,000.
1963Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \3,200,000.
1965Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \6,400,000.
1968Mizuno Shigyo increases its capital to \10,000,000. Carries general packages and containers for food service and catering businesses.
1971Manufacturing of “CLEAN CAPS” begins; sales start nationwide.
1974Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \30,000,000. The fast food market expansion brings in many more customers to the company.
1976Mizuno Shigyo raises its capital to \80,000,000. Bought the premises of the former headquarters building.
1981The Osaka Office opens a distribution center.
1982Mizuno Shigyo renamed “Mizuno Sangyo Co. Ltd.”
1987Mizuno Sangyo’s new Headquarters building, 9 stories above the ground with total floor area of 5,013 square meters, is completed.
1988Mizuno Sangyo raises its capital to \84.5 million.
1989The Company founds its Fukuoka Office.
1990Osaka Office relocated to Esaka-cho, Osaka.
1992The Company celebrates its 45th anniversary. Keijiro Mizuno takes office as its Chief operating officer.
1993Founded Nagoya Office and its distribution functions.
1994New offices founded in Sendai and Niigata, both equipped with distribution functions.
1995Founded Sapporo Office and its distribution functions.
1997The Company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Its Osaka Office was promoted into Osaka Branch after enhancement and moves over to Tsukumodai, Suita, Osaka.
1999The Company’s Kanto Distribution Center completed in Kazo-shi, Saitama, with the total floor area of 17,433.49 square meters.
2000Kanto Distribution Center win ISO14001 certification.
2001Chiba Distribution Center opens in Ichikawa, Chiba. Tokyo Headquarters and Osaka Branch win ISO14001 certification.
2002Nagoya Office relocates its Delivery Dept. to Moriyama-ku, Nagoya.
2004Mizuno Sangyo becomes the sole owner of its Tokyo Headquarters building. The building’s name changed to “MS Building” from “MH Building.”
2005To enhance its business efficiency, the Company builds up a core client-server information system. Okayama Office founded.
2006Osaka Branch relocated to Higashi-Yodogawa, Osaka, to accommodate expanded operations.
2007North Kanto Office founded in Japan. Registers as a warehousing and delivering operator. Shanghai Office founded in China.
2008Our New e-Commerce Department; Launch of pharmaceutical goods.
2009Launch of Specially-Controlled Medical Devices.
2010Digital picking begins at Kanto Distribution Center.
2011The Shanghai Office became Mizuno Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
2012Dangerous Goods Warehouse is installed in the site of the Kanto Distribution Center.
2013Sapporo Office is moved to Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi. Okayama Office is moved to Kita-ku Shimonakano,Okayama-shi. Kanagawa Distribution Center opens in Yokohama, Kanagawa.
2014The enlargement of the Kanto Distribution Center.
2015Niigata Office is moved to Higashi-ku, Niigata-shi. Okinawa office opens in Urasoe , Okinawa.
2016Keijiro Mizuno takes office as its Chief executive officer. Jun Mizuno takes office as its Chief operating officer. Fukuoka Office is moved to Hisayama-machi, Kasuya-gun, Oaza Hisahara. Chiba Distribution Center is moved to Funabashi-shi.
2017Nagoya office is moved to Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi.
2019okinawa office is moved to okinawa, itoman-shi.
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