Corporate Philosophy|Mizuno Sangyo

Our principle

We strive aim to make contribution to the society by gaining trust and support from client, consumer and cooperation company with always demand for new possibility while concerning earth resource and environment.


The key of corporate development, activities, strength are within our staff.

Client and consumer

To gain permanently support and trust from client and consumer on our products as well as our service.

Cooperation company

We joint product development with measuring both beneficial and existence to by looking through client demand.


We obey law and regulation and contribute to public interests of a country and a local community through all activity.

International society

We expend wide range of products with countries around the world with deepen our mutual understanding.

Our Philosophy is ...

・It's always start from greeting with energetic voice.
・Always have attitude of gratitude.
・Always be [sincere], [rightness] and [speed].
・Always make [challenge]
・Always try to be professional.

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