Food Business|Mizuno Sangyo

Support the future food service industry by understanding the trend.

Mizuno Sangyo started its business by selling product that mainly made from paper, and provide low cost service support to ensure smooth business operation for food industry through logistic by production of clean cap, food industry packaging container, product development, plan and sale of sub-material. By understand through the trend, we gather information from both local and oversea to make us able to provide a competitive proposal. We strictly pursue cost performance, design, efficiency compare with other companies in product development capability as we have the centralized management in logistic system. Mizuno Sangyo will provide total overall support in order to improve the efficiency of development in the food industry.

Optimization of speed and cost, from order to delivery.

We are ready with several method handling goods order doesn't matter either from phone, fax, in-house developed website order system, online shopping and ETC, We offer a logistic distribution that can efficiently deliver with fast and competitive cost. At the same time of assisting international trading and work forwarder, we also supporting customer who are looking for international market. With the utilization of IT, logistic, wholesale and trading we able to assist customer with excellent response time yet accurate with competitive cost. For the sake of food safety consumption, we also cooperate with our food sanitation department.

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