Nursing Care Business|Mizuno Sangyo

Mizuno sangyo offer toward critical aging society.

[Nursing industry] is a new challenge for Mizuno Sangyo which is previously not in our production and sales category. We are able to handle varieties of goods which is necessary for each variety of facilities. Mizuno Sangyo focus toward the aging society, which is the division for future.

With external source to solve the insufficient of labor power.

In order to reduce the burden of nursery staff which is insufficient condition, we offering solution by using our WEB system which can act as agent to produce direct invoice to the user. With the establishment of our stock management and delivery system, you can elect Mizuno Sangyo as one stop solution to solve the inconvenient of stock managing to delivery. We confident that we can make some impact on contribution to the nursery industry with our own developed system. Furthermore, we also provide related product seminars which is able to improve nursery house staff proficiency. For inquire please contact to our office.

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